About Rapacious Souls
Rapacious Souls is a group of people who have been playing together on and off since WoTLK expansion. We are currently working towards developing the guild into a 10M and 25M casual raiding guild with a bit of PvP in the mix. We understand that real life occasionally pops in and disrupts our gaming hobby so don't be alarmed if one of us comes back with a tan or fancy souveniers.
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Welcome to our Newest Guild Officer

by Talysta, 226 days ago

Please welcome our newest guild officer, Mist.  We are excited to add her to our leadership team, and we're confident that you'll agree that she is helpful in running the guild and our raids.

Thanks for all you do!

~The Management

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Raid Loot System

by Talysta, 292 days ago

Raiders, please read and respond to our required post about the new EPGP loot system!.

If you are interested in the forum discussion we had before we selected the loot system, try here: Clicky Clicky!!!

As always, if there are any questions, feel free to contact any of the guild officers for assistance.


~Raid Management Team

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Looking for more committed raiders for 5.4

by Squibbo, 345 days ago

Currently Recruiting for 5.4. Seeking permanent members as well as subs to fill in from time to time.

Current raid times are Wednesday and Sunday 6-9PM PST
Also considering expanding a Friday/Saturday 10M

Current needs (530+ ilvl minimum):

Tank: (subs)
Healer: (subs)
DPS: (subs)

Any exceptional players will be accepted.

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